We Make Accounting Easy

whatever size company you are

We Take Away Tax Troubles

VAT, Income Tax, Corporation Tax and more

Business Analysis

We can analyse your business through your books


Our comprehensive accounting services are highly flexible and tailored to suit your business size. Whatever your needs, you can rest assured we cover them.

Don't feel afraid that your business is too small, or that accountancy costs too much.


Keeping up to date with your tax payments is essential in private and business situations.

Since Howarth & Co. are aware of all the latest tax changes and regulations, why not let us make sure you're paying only what you need to pay?


We can make sure you start your business the right way, making sure your accounts help, not hinder your business.

Maintaining accounts is one thing, but to understand them is another. Howarth & Co. can analyse your books to see how your business is REALLY doing.

Starting Out?

Getting your business off the ground isn't easy, but getting off on the right foot really helps. That's where Howarth & Co. can ease the burden with Company Formations, Bookkeeping and Small Business accounts.

Start off on the right foot by allowing us to help you manage your accounts from day one. Your success is our success.


Small Businesses

Small businesses create paperwork that takes up more and more of your time.

Howarth & Co. can free you to concentrate on your business - as we take care of the hassle of Bookkeeping, VAT, Payroll & more.

Medium Businesses

As a business grows, analysing your accounts becomes increasingly important.

Howarth & Co. make accounts work for you by analysing your margin and cashflow, and minimising problem areas in the business.