We Make Accounting Easy

whatever size company you are

We Take Away Tax Troubles

VAT, Income Tax, Corporation Tax and more

Business Analysis

We can analyse your business through your books


At Howarth & Co. we will make sure that all your accounts are accurate and that taxes are legally to a minimum.

Sometimes, the way you structure your finances can affect the amount of tax you pay (or don't pay). We can advise you in the best ways to optimise your finances.

Any Size Businesses

At Howarth & Co. we deal with accounts of businesses that range from sole traders to large companies.

No matter what industry you're in, we can provide the financial skills while you focus on your business.

We Work At Your Pace

You have the option to interact with with us once a year or in intervals that suit your business best.

Whichever you prefer, Howarth & Co. can work behind the scenes all year round as the financial backbone of a business.