We Make Accounting Easy

whatever size company you are

We Take Away Tax Troubles

VAT, Income Tax, Corporation Tax and more

Business Analysis

We can analyse your business through your books


Getting your business off the ground isn't easy, but getting off on the right foot really helps. That's where Howarth & Co. can ease the burden with Company Formations, Bookkeeping and Small Business accounts.

Start off on the right foot by allowing us to help you manage your accounts from day one. Your success is our success.

Sole Traders

It may be easier to to set up as a sole trader, but you will still have very similar tax responsibilites to a Limited company.

Howarth & Co. will make sure you get off to the right start as a sole trader and can reasses your situation as your business starts to grow.


A Partnership is when two or more people decide to run a business together with shared responsibility.

We can share with you the pros and cons of being a partnerhsip rather than a full Limited company and give you the abilty to make an informed choice.

Limited Companies

There are many benefits of becoming a Limited company, however there are more reporting and financial obligations too. We always advise on seeking help from a professional before you set up as a Limited company.

Please don't hesitate in calling us for advice.